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The End of CubeSpace: An Epilogue

Sunday marks a year since we had to close CubeSpace.  I think it is fair to say that this has been one of the hardest years David and I have experienced, both separately and together.  Generally I have a positive outlook on life, being fairly confident that everything will work out in the long run.  But lately I am finding it harder and harder to remain optimistic about the future.  David and I remain unemployed, scraping by with contract and temporary work.  The niche CubeSpace served remains unfilled, leaving medium-sized community events without a venue and scores of potential co-workers without the community they crave.  And, our former location appears to remain vacant.

Although it has been a difficult year, there have been some bright moments.  David and I have had the flexibility (and frequent-flier miles) to see my twin 2 1/2 year-old niecelettes more often than CubeSpace would have allowed.  We were also able to offer some well-deserved and much needed respite to David’s father who has been caregiving his own parents for the last 6 years or so. In the almost 12 years that David and I have been together, I had grown very close to his grandmother.  When we lost her suddenly (but not unexpectedly) in April, I was very grateful to have had that additional time with her.  David and I also had the flexibility to stay in Boston for 2 weeks after her funeral and generally help out.  Most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with David’s grandfather, look at family photos and hear his stories about the woman he adored for over 68 years.

It has also been a year of true friendship.  I had the privilege of meeting many incredible people through CubeSpace and some of them have turned into dear friends.  Friends who have been there for me throughout this difficult process.  Friends who gave me the space to be an emotional wreck and not walk away.  Friends who had my back when I needed them most.  Friends who gave me a hard time for not asking for help when I needed it and then doing more than their share.

Our future?  My crystal ball is in the shop and the Magic 8 ball is stuck on “Cannot predict now.” Hopefully, David and I will both be employed doing work we enjoy. David has begun to look for work beyond the Portland Metro area, so who knows where we will be in a year.

Finally, to prove that I am teachable I am going to ask my readers to help us in our job searches.  My bio and resume are on my About page.  You can read more about what David is looking for here.