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And now for something completey different

Two of my favorite things about Portland are the people and the breakfasts.  On the theory that one can never have too much of a good thing, J-P Voilleque (aka @lawduck) organizes a bi-weekly breakfast tweetup.  We alternate sides of the river and a different configuration of folks come each time.  The one constant is the high quality of the conversation.

Perhaps we were inspired by Olympians striving for gold, but yesterday’s conversations raised an already high bar. After we lamented not having recorded ourselves, I took it upon myself to record our ideas for posterity.

If the #pdxbreakfast folks ran the world, these are some of the improvements we would make:

  • Airplane trains – so that one could take a train trip around the world. The trains would be able to fly across oceans, land on the next set of tracks and continue its journey.
  • Sea trains – this is a variant on the airplane train idea.  Basically, amphibious submarines.
  • America’s Test Kitchen in space – I recently ran across an article in New Scientist about The Astronaut’s Cookbook and have been thinking about food in space ever since.  Then @natronics told us about a video on You Tube of Japanese astronaut making the first sushi in space.  Although I would suck at it (I am a very imprecise cook), I would love to work in the Cook’s Illustrated Test Kitchen. So why not combine the best of both worlds and set up a test kitchen in the International Space Station?
  • The long tail of stupid’nuff said.
  • Atomic Pirate Trains – This is @reidab’s vision of our apocalyptic future.
  • Robotic French Penguin Armies – A great money-making scheme if we can sell them to the Russians.
  • People in glass houses should not slingshot covered hoppers with giant vibrators – Some sage advice from @pdxflaneur.
  • A pithy description of our contemporary navy – Now that the Pentagon has lifted the ban on women in submarines, we think this should be their new tagline – “The Navy: It’s all atomic power and sex.”
  • Toddlers as a renewable energy source – Anyone who has watched a toddler for 35 seconds has observed their seemingly endless kinetic energy.  If harnessed appropriately, toddler energy could completely eliminate the US’s dependence on fossil fuels.  After discussing toddler wheels and magnetic shoes, we finally found the perfect solution: Piezo-embedded toddler clothing.

And , last, but certainly not least:

  • Hacking the International Space Station’s (ISS)  Wifi – Our resident space expert, @natronics, who was lucky enough to go to Space Camp, has observed that the ISS is filled with off-the-shelf laptops. For the sake of national security (which is the best excuse ever), we are keeping the details to ourselves.

Groupon has helped us select the location for our next #pdxbreakfast by offering a 52% discount at Hash.  Come join us in our brilliant madness.